Chad is a life-long technologist and twenty year veteran of the I.T. world. He consults with organizations to close the gap between the I.T. staff and non-I.T. staff, with the goals of increasing efficiency, improving morale, and saving his clients money. He believes that communication is key to bridge this divide.

Chad was looking to shift his focus from a technical support role to doing more speaking, teaching, and consulting for organizations that were having some of the common problems he’d seen between technical and non-technical staff. To support this endeavor, I created a complete branding package that included logo design, brand design, photography, and website design and development.

The focus of Chad’s speaking engagements is breaking down technical concepts using simple explanations, and accessible terminology. As a part of this, he uses the example of an origami rocket as a central idea, so I carried that over as the theme for his branding. The goal of this project was to position Chad as both an IT expert and a skilled teacher, which you can see weaved through the visual elements we developed – the rest is up to Chad!