Cheryl Porter Vocal Method

design that's as bright, beautiful and dynamic as Cheryl herself.... ALMOST!!

Project Completed: 2021

i love color

i surround myself with it. LOTS OF IT.

so it was a natural love affair with doing a vast array of design work for the amazing Cheryl Porter!

Taking an already amazing brand, and pushing it further

when i connected with Cheryl, she already had an amazing team, a beautiful brand, and a well-established name. my goal was to not change her brand, only amplify it. since everything that Cheryl does is amazing, dynamic, and colorful, it made my job incredibly easy. together with Cheryl and her team we created eye-catching ad graphics, a new website design (including updated site architecture and user flow), updates, and future roadmap for her online courses site, new course logos, and so much more! here is just a small sampling of what we created.